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Eurorack Power Supply

Eurorack Modular Psu Power-Supply Utility Easy-Build Through-Hole

This module is part of my Eurorack series. It is the necessary dual voltage power supply for every synthesizer! I use it in all my projects. The PSU delivers -12V, +12V and +5V.

The PCB is available in my store

Key features

  • dual voltage -12V and +12V
  • additional +5V
  • 12V AC/AC 1A-5A wall wart power supply needed
  • 16-pin IDC Eurorack power connector
  • easy to build, all through hole components

How it works

The power supply is based on the 78xx/79xx linear voltage regulators. The current that it can deliver depends on the used regulators, the wall wart adapter and the cooling of the regulators. It is important that the wall wart adapter’s output is AC, DC won’t work! You usually start with a 1A wall wart adapter and 1A regulators. See also variations

Dimensions: 115mm x 65mm


Begin with the components with the lowest profile and work your way up. All components have a fixed designator and a component value printed on the board. Additional information on the parts can be found in the BOM below. R1 and R2 can be left out unless you have problems with the start-up of the power supply. J3 can be used if you want to wire it up inside your casing.


  • There is a 78Sxx voltage regulator series which delivers 2A. Please note that the AC/AC adapter needs to be bigger as well if used. Make sure to use proper heat sinks or even a fan when drawing much current!

  • There are buck converter replacements for the 78xx regulators which can deliver up to 3A and are much more efficient. I have good results using those with a 12V AC/AC 5A wall wart adapter.


Link to interactive BOM

C1-C63300uFCapacitor_THT:CP_Radial_D18.0mm_P7.50mmelectrolytic, 35V6
C7, C8, C111uFCapacitor_THT:CP_Radial_D5.0mm_P2.50mmelectrolytic, 35V3
C9, C10, C12100uFCapacitor_THT:CP_Radial_D6.3mm_P2.50mmelectrolytic, 35V3
J2Connector_Generic:Conn_02x08_Odd_EvenConnector_IDC:IDC-Header_2x08_P2.54mm_VerticalIDC 16-pin1
R1, R23k3*Resistor_THT:R_Axial_DIN0207_L6.3mm_D2.5mm_P10.16mm_Horizontalonly populate if you have problems with PSU start-up2
R3330Resistor_THT:R_Axial_DIN0207_L6.3mm_D2.5mm_P10.16mm_Horizontal1/4W 1% resistor1
Heat sinkmax. size 30mm x 13 mmeg. SK 145/37,5 or SK 145/203



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